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Can Anyone Be a Member?

Membership in the order is open to anyone who sends a private email indicating their interest in our work, making a donation, purchasing a stickered piece or partipating as an artist. This will give you access to private communication among members and special offers, including invitations to special events.

How Artists Can Join

Musicians, authors, artists, performers, and film-makers should write a brief letter to jdcurrie@q.com indicating their interest in participating. You might want to first read and review the program Guidelines.

In your contact letter, please indicate the work that our pelican will be landing on and any conditions that might apply. Also make sure that rights to works are wholly your own.

In some cases it may be necessary to gain the consent of agents and galleries who possess rights. We can offer help and advice on this.

Angel Wizardry

Any number of options are open to benefactors and sponsors. Send us a private email and we would be happy to arrange for a private phone conversation or personal meeting.