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How The System Works: Basic Guidelines

Our process is designed to be as simple as possible for participating artists but to provide adequate transparency and assurances about use of funds.

Participating artist merely agree to remit a percentage of the sales price of stickered works to AOA. AOA will distribute the proceeds to organizations doing good work.

AOA pelican stickers will be sent to artists by AOA to display on designated art, CD's, books, etc. The stickers can be used on websites, in galleries or for sales at musician performances.

It will be up to the artist to decide the list price of the work and the percentage that will be remitted to AOA for conservation and rescue. The artist may decide to place a sticker on a limited number of works and then take it off as desired.

AOA will also be notified when a sticker is placed on a work or a work is sold with an AOA sticker.

The use and distribution of proceeds from sales will be based on specific "transparency and assurance" guidelines that are available to the artist upon request. Only a small amount of proceeds (less than 15 percent) will be retained by AOA itself for overhead. This will be used to keep the project going, sponsor the occasional event, maintain the website and monitor how the distributed money is being used by rescue and conservation organizations.

There are no obligation for artists to participate in fundraisers.

We do expect that within the first six months we will be able to sponsor special events (gallery showings, fund-raisers, art contests for kids, conference presentations) to show-case the works of participants. It is also expected that media articles and interviews will provide great PR for the participants.

Sydney's Thumb will publicize activities of the program under "Lighthouse" (terrific conservation efforts) and provide rotating features on participating artists.