I, the fiery life of divine wisdom; I ignite the beauty of the plains; I sparkle the waters...I am the breeze that nurtures all things green.-Hildegard of Bingen

AOA Origins and Purpose

AOA is a combined effort of artists, musicians, performers, writers, and film-makers to promote animal rescue, ocean conservation and protection of endangered species. The initial focus is on animal rescue and protection in the Gulf because of the active crisis and catastrophe.

AOA came about after the airing of a CBS segment on June 13 when an eleven-year-old girl was so distraught over the death of turtles and pelicans from the BP oil deluge that she decided to create artwork and sell it to help save animals. This crystallized the commitment of several prominent artists, writers and musicians to support animal rescue and protection through the creation of AOA.

What makes us unique is that our founders include long-time environmentalists and scientists with an eye for what works and what doesn't, and the importance at this point in earth history of transforming consciousness through carefully chosen efforts. The Gulf disaster should never have happened and we are intent in making sure that it doesn't happen again. We are also committed to stemming carbon emissions, protecting the Arctic, coral reefs and precious wildlands before it is too late.

All of us as artists realize that our own art and the quality of our lives depend heavily on a healthy undegraded environment. Nature is both a source of our own inspiration and spiritual well being. As a group we've decided we need to take a stand and encourage others to join us.

Projects and Beneficiaries

With input from respected vets we are initially targeting 2-3 recipient animal rescue groups in the Gulf (including the Humane Society). Others are now being vetted and contacted. We are also earmarking several other ocean and habitat protection efforts that are addressing the impacts of uncontrolled land use, greenhouse gases, ocean debris, effluent, and oil and gas exploration. We are especially concerned about developing threats in the Arctic.

Founding Artists

Founding artists include prominent painters and plastic artists, writers, musicians and composers who have agreed to donate proceeds from sales of their works to selected projects, and on occasion participate in special events. AOA provides links to their websites, the listing of their designated works, and other information of interest to the order, including the tracking of important conservation news on Sydney's Forum . We will also periodically report on the successes and challenges of the organizations we are supporting.

The general public, good-hearted angels and other winged creatures are also encouraged to join us by participating in our events, offering private contributions and providing creative ideas for ways that we can effectively respond to the destruction of the commons and the pressing environmental crisis.

Designated works will change from time to time and will be listed on the websites of participating artists. A smaller number of AOA artworks will be listed in the on-line AOA Catalog.

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