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AOA welcomes your inquiry and looks forward to hearing from you!

There are two ways to order AOA artwork:

1. purchase the artwork directly from the artist (at website or gallery) and they will remit proceeds for the stickered work to AOA or
2. purchase the work from AOA, but only if it is listed in the on-line AOA Catalog.

Please note that only a portion of AOA artwork is displayed in the catalog. Most artists will sell their work on their own (e.g.,on website, at galleries and performances) with an AOA sticker.

If you want to purchase artwork from AOA, please first read the specifications information so that you know what you are getting, including the dimensions and resolution of the work.

Some works are mounted and some are not; some are created digitally and some by hand; some are more fragile than others.

If you have any questions about the work or how to order it, send Jim an email at: jdcurrie@q.com--or phone at 206-323-1554. Most artwork will be mailed within 10 business days of the receipt of a check or money order (preferred payment).

If interested in a customized Blue Parrot Eco-banner, please send us an email and tell us what you are interested in. Eventually we will display already made eco-banners for different basins and range. Artworks of Jim Currie and Holly Alderman can readily be converted to eco-banners.