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Where's Sydney? is a program to spread the message of light and mindful travel across the globe. Copies of the book are handed off from one traveler to the next, with each new 'mate of Sydney checking in to let us know their heading and perhaps something about their recent adventures. The intention is to create a deafening silence of people traveling lightly with shallow footprints, promoting service, and ecological awareness.

If you would like to start Sydney on a new trip and to be his travel mate, contact us and let us know why you would like to travel with Sydney and the book. Don't worry, this isn't a test, but be aware that Fergie is making the decision. Tell him something about your basic interest in promoting mindful travel. An important concern is that Sydney is passed on to a good mate and isn't orphaned to a hotel room or a book case in a youth hostel. (He is a bear with happy feet and likes to be on the road.)

If you have just received a book from another traveler, be sure to fill out the basic information in the book log and ask the same of the person who adopts Sydney for the next leg of his journey. Back here at Fergie's Travel Cafe we would much enjoy hearing about your travels, including fish stories, encounters with miraculous healers and sages, or anything related to the book. Fergie is also doing research on the 5-star garbage dumps of Northern Canada, so information on that would also be valued.

For those of you who have passed your copy on to another traveler, we'll frequently update reports on the location of your copy so that you can track it and follow the chain of experiences that you you have helped create.

For those who would like to donate to support the program. The approximate cost of each customized traveling copy of The Mindful Traveler is $20 (postage included). We'll give you the chance to pick the name of the copy that you sponsor (named after a threatened or endangered species).

contact: sydney@sydneysthumb.com