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Travel Test

For each of the following questions rate yourself on a scale of 1-5.

1. Do you wash clothing with biodegradable detergents?

1 (always)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)--------5 (don't consider it)

2. Do you rely on air conditioning and room heating to control body temperature or do you reduce this dependence by using layered clothing?

1 (layer clothing)--2 (frequently)-----3 (occasionally)------ 4 (seldom)----5 (rely on heating & AC)

3. Do you buy and use products that minimize unnecessary paper and plastic packaging?

1 (always)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)--------5 (don't consider it)

4. When climbing, hiking and backpacking, do you pack out your garbage or leave it behind?

1 (always unless readily biodegradable)-- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)-----5 (generally leave it behind)

5. Do you travel by train (or other surface-based mass transportation) to reduce energy consumption?

1 (mostly when it is practical & available)--- 2 (frequently when P & A)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)----5 (depend on private car)

6. Do you try to lessen consumption that contributes greenhouse gasses?

1 (always)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)-----5 (don't consider it)

7. Do you attempt to minimize use of toxics and check the contents of products you buy?

1 (always)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)-----5 (don't consider it)

8. When you travel to a foreign country do you respect local customs, language manners and traditions?

1 (always, including foreign language)------2 (mostly)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)----5 (don't change anything)

9. When you travel do you go out of your way to help others or are you focused on meeting only your own needs?

1 (try to be helpful to those in need)-----2 (frequently) --------3 (occasionally)----4 (seldom)----5 (self-centered)

10. Do you use travel for self-education and development or mostly entertainment and recreation?

1. (self-education/self-development)---2. (mostly self-ed & developmnt)----- 3. (sometimes SE/SD)--- 4. (seldom)--- 5 (recreation only)

11.Do you engage in any meditative or spiritual practice during your trips?

1 (always)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)--------5 (don't consider it)

12. Do you take time during your trips to reflect on experiences good and bad and the dynamics that created them?

1 (daily)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)--------5 (don't consider it)

13. Do you commonly monitor your energy and health and take preventative action to fortify yourself?

1 (daily)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)--------5 (don't consider it)

14. Do you check your attitude and make a conscious effort to be positive, joyful and vital?

1 (daily)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)-----5 (don't consider it)

15. Do you ingest alcohol or drugs to excess during travel?

1 (never)---2 (rarely)----3. (occasionally)---4. (frequently)---- 5 (let it rip as often as I can)

16. Do you engage in unprotected sex?

1 (never)----2. (rarely and only with spouse)---3. (rarely but within a committed relationship) 4. (rarely)---- 5. (let it rip)

17. Do you share meals, transportation and partner with others to reduce excessive consumption and waste?

1 (daily)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally)----4 (seldom)----5 (don't consider it)

18. Do you minimize or mitigate impacts on local habitat and ecology (particularly impacts on endangered and threatened species)?

1 (minimize and mitigate whenever any chance of impact)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)-------- 5 (don't consider it)

19. Do you support local economy by purchasing locally made goods to meet your needs?

1 (always)--- 2 (frequently)----3 (occasionally) ----4 (seldom)-----5 (don't consider it)

20. Do you eat healthy food?

1 (always fresh and healthy)--- 2 (frequently)----3(occasionally)---4 (seldom)----5 (don't consider it)

copyright Sydney's Thumb 2008

Rating Scale:

<25     You rank with St. Francis and the Buddha.
            Everywhere Bears Are Grateful

26--45   You Are On the Path
46--65   Expect a Knock on Your Door from a Concerned Bear
66--80   I Wouldn't be Going into the Woods Today
>80     Your Days are Numbered, Sucker.
            Consider Yourself Bear Chow.

Please send us feedback on your reactions to this test.

2008 Sydney's Thumb