Veterinary Aid International

Sydney's Thumb is working collaboratively with Dr. Holly Cheever and the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine to make sure that the animal-rescue efforts around the world are adequately staffed. Our efforts are focusing on needs of programs rescuing and protecting species in their natural habitat.

As the effects of climate change become more and more pronounced, stresses on species will only intensify, and these will clearly lead to more marooned, orphaned and disabled animals. Correspondingly, the stresses upon existing rescue programs will increase, demanding more vets and care-givers, as well as facilities to accomodate rescued animals. Because of this, we are happy to work in whatever way we can to connect the agencies in the field with available vets and to support fund-raising efforts of the front-line programs.

We are also supporting programs that are rescuing elephants, bears, tigers, lions and other wild animals from the abuses of circuses.