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Currently Available:

The Mindful Traveler:A Guide to Journaling and Transformative Travel
(Open Court, 2000) can be purchased at your local bookstore or directly from Open Court (1-800-815-2280).

For a "Where's Sydney?" copy of The Mindful Traveler, see Where's Sydney

Coming Soon:

Sydney's Thumb t-shirts for travel and gifts; also Where's Sydney?

Please contact us for imprint of our logo on merchandise of your choice.

Prints of select artwork and photos (permissions required for use of all photos and prints appearing on website.)

For request, permissions and orders, use the following address:

Jim Currie
763 Belmont Pl. E. #307
Seattle, Wa. 98102

e-mail should be addressed to the following:
advertising correspondence should be sent to: jdc@seanet.com