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"All life has just one home--the earth--and we as the dominant species must take care of it." --Dame Daphne Sheldrick

Whales Are Flying?

Zeppelins Used by Eco-Travelers

Before the fiery loss of the Hindenburg in May 1937, zeppelins had safely ferried 405,000 passengers across the Atlantic on inert helium fuel, flying as fast as 80 mph. The demise of the Hindenberg and the rise of the passenger liner made the dirigibles obsolete.

Now, it seems, a new era is on the cusp, as the rigid-frame, helium-fueled zeppelins are beginning to ferry travelers to vacation magnets, including Bavaria and southern Germany which 12,000 passengers visited on airships last year. Industry leader,Zeppelin-Reederei, has just shipped its fourth model to Airship Ventures in California where it is scheduled to transport sightseers across Monterey Bay. continued

2007 Sydney's Thumb

2007 Sydney's Thumb

Green Travel Checklist

  • stay on trails
  • recycle
  • carry out garbage
  • minimize waste
  • avoid using toxics
  • offset impacts
  • volunteer; be of service
  • support local economy
  • higher care in sensitive areas
  • limit use of plastics
  • set an example for others

Fergie and Sydney Thank You