Click on Jungle Animals for Extraordinary Trips

2007 Sydney's Thumb

Please Be Seated.

Fergie will be by shortly to take your order. While you are waiting, enjoy your courtesy-copy of The New Bear Times.

You'll note that each table has been equipped with a mouse. Use it to click on the creatures peering out at you from our jungle garden. This will give you a special menu of tours to that animal's home range for a meaningful conservation-vacation. If nothing is currently on the menu, then Sydney's Thumb has not yet endorsed a particular vacation for that critter, but one is likely to be coming soon.

ADVISORY: these animals are all wild and should be considered DANGEROUS. Well, maybe that is going too far. Anyway, just recently two Irishmen got a little carried away in their storytelling and shortly thereafter, there were only two Irishmen. Faint-hearted patrons may wish to wish to return to the safe confines of the cafe.

The Management Thanks You