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Sydney's Thumb favors expeditions, programs and tours that meet the following criteria:

    Ideal Features

  1. promote Green Travel Criteria
  2. include quality educational component
  3. include meaningful volunteer opportunity
  4. offer a good deal
  5. provide chance for individual exploration and reflection
  6. minimal habitat impact
  7. not highly energy-consumptive
  8. well organized and run
  9. respect local economy and indigenous culture
  10. offset greenhouse gasses

**recently reviewed as "Parker's Pick"

Western US & Canada  

1. Grey Whales of British Columbia (or Baja)

Spend half your time on the water observing and identifying whales, collecting data, sampling biodiversity; evening lectures on whales and habitat. www.earthwatch.org

**2. Puget Sound Whales

Join marine biologists observing and identifying orcas; terrific setting in San Juan Islands. Listen for vocalizations while on Puget Sound. www.earthwatch.org.

3. Seabirds of Prince Wm Sound, Alaska

You'll be traveling by inflatable boat along the Sound, observing and noting the activity of black-legged kittiwakes, murrelets and other seabirds. The scenery of the Sound, Jack Bay and the Columbia Icefield are unforgettable. www.earthwatch.org.