I, the fiery life of divine wisdom; I ignite the beauty of the plains; I sparkle the waters...I am the breeze that nurtures all things green.-Hildegard of Bingen

Spirit of Place: Finding the Magic

Blue Parrot Eco-Banners (a collaboration of Alderman Arts and Sydney's Thumb) creates unique banners, murals and other original artwork that capture the spirit of place for eco-lodges, hotels, retreat centers and ships.

Whether, you are a fjord lodge in Patagonia, nestled up against Cordillera de Andes, a desert oasis in the East Sahara, or an alpine retreat in breathtaking Bhutan, Blue Parrot will work closely with you to create distinctive banners and murals that add signature and lasting memory to each visitor's experience in your unique natural setting. Blue Parrot Eco-banners are also a great way to bring people together to protect the commons and to support AOA conservation and animal rescue efforts. We also work with marine operators to adorn tour ships.

Banners that Tell a Story

Our banners are one-of-a- kind, printed fabric, that achieve rare radiance and luminescence while conveying rich narratives of the interrelationships between man and animals; earth, water and sky.

Gulf of Mexico Eco-Banners

You can make valued contribution to gulf conservation and rescue by commissioning AOA to create a beautiful banner that captures the fishing culture of the Gulf Coast and the diverse ecosystem on which it is based. Large versions can fly from flag poles, while smaller ones can adorn a boat, home or business establishment and reflect your commitment to the environment. Click for more information or to place an order for eco-banners

Murals and Trompe l'Oeil

Holly Alderman, has also earned critical praise for her masterful murals, beautiful wall paintings and mischievous trompe l'oeil. Holly's website